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On February 11, 2012, Imogame posted an article about the latest game from Prodigy Infinitech, the publisher who handed the license for Harvest Moon Online in Indonesia. This time, imogame will discuss the interesting features offered by Harvest Moon Online.

Before we go straight to the discussion about the main features of Harvest Moon Online, lets briefly talk about the introduction of the latest game from Prodigy Infinitech. As you all already know, this game was initially successful through its presence in the gaming consoles such as gameboy, super nintendo, playstation and other gaming consoloes. As reported on the official website of Harvest Moon Indonesia, the unique simulation game (Harvest Moon) was first introduced in Japan in 1997, which at the time it released for game console, super nintendo entertainment system (SNES).

The franchise of Harvest Moon has gain success stories before, up until now, it is still has its place on gamer interest. PT. Prodigy Infinitech then bring this game to Indonesia, as the license holder for Indonesia regional, Harvest Moon online will be released in Bahasa (Indonesian language).

The unique game play and cute animated graphics captivate gamer attention. Sure it is, by giving different experiences offered, such as managing a land and transform it to an agriculture area and beautiful land.

So what’s the features offered by Harvest Moon Online ?


Colobockle looks like tiny dwarves or maybe faires (well what ever you say that), always appeared in Harvest Moon series. They help you manage your farm such as watering your plants, and clean your animals. They look very cute!



Harvest Moon online has bunch of interesting quest you can accomplish. By doing the quest, you can receive gift rewards that really helpful for developing your farm.

Quest Harvest Moon Online


You can take care your cattle from they were babies to adult. Get ready to brush your animal, make sure you keep them clean and do not forget to feed them all.

Merawat Ternak Harvest Moon Online


With the feature of Facebook connect, you can play the game with your facebook friends. You might invite your friend and play together with them. Doesn’t it sound cool ?

Facebook Friend Harvest Moon Online


You can also visit your friends’ farm and help them out. By helping them, you will gain experiences!

Pertanian Temanmu - Harvest Moon Online


Oh hell ya! I want to look awesome and different! I want to make my friend jealous by having rare plants. You can do it by buying items in Item Shop. They sell seeds for fruits and others item that you can use to decorate your land farm.

Item Mall - Harvest Moon Online


You will gain reward as often as you login into the game.

Login Reward - Harvest Moon Online