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As I just found the news released by imogame, Qeon Interactive, local publisher in Indonesia that brought Shadow Company to the country is going to release their latest MMORPG Heva Online.

Heva Online

Lately, It is like a big wave of online games strike the country, lot of fancy game just released at least 5 games in this year. Heva Online will be join the list for new game this time. Well What is Heva Online ?

As it is reported on the site, Heva is amazing 3D cute MMORPG. Map in game designed in 3D and terrain-based strategy made this game unique. It alsa has cool feature called “Clone system” where you can capture monsters to be your pet. Well, does it sound like a pet system in most MMORPG ? What makes it different is that you can do duel for your pet. Yes, 4 vs 4.

The game has alot of mini games, ¬†for example¬†“rock-paper-scissors”, where you can gain exp if you can beat the NPC quest in the mini game. There is also unique transportation that you can use to jump your character to certain area using cannon.

It hasn’t announced yet when Heva Online will start the closed beta. But for sure, the game will be released by the end of this year. You can visit Heva Online Game Terbaru Dari Qeon to read the news in Indonesian.