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I have to say that realm of the titans is my first MOBA game. I used to be a fan of MMORPG few years ago but since i am working right now and have to face the real life – less time to play game, so MOBA game is the only choice left for me.

The first time I knew about the game was from Aerigames. It was in fews closed beta and I did participate during the time. I started enjoy the game, a bit addicted to it but still in control. I believe that I was a noob, new player to the new game genre. But it didn’t make me stop to learn to be good playing this game. I get used to it, and make good progress.

While I was waiting for the OBT announcement from Aeriagames, I just found that Indonesia will released the game. It didn’t take much time like Aeriagames (like over 6 months), Indonesian RoT was only like in a month for testing and released officialy. I was happy finally my favorite game is released in my own country. Yay!

But it is not like what I expected. The players who play the game is not much. Like only 40 users (maximum), and even 10 users. I started disappointed because the waiting time is so long like hours,  and the community is nothing. Feeling hopeless, I was still waiting for Aeriagames. What I was thought that maybe MOBA game in Indonesia isn’t much popular as MMORPG. But hey, The believe that the fans of private server for DOTA in Indonesia is big! Whats wrong ?

No official announcement from Aeriagames. While i was searching for some guide on the internet, I just found that aeriagames was cancel release the game for some reason. *heartbreak*

IMO, Realm of the titans is a great MOBA. I hope the international server will be released by other publisher.