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Recently I learnt new thing that I’ve never done before. Our website is working with bloggers in certain campaign, which we need them to embeded our source so that our news will be appeared on their site. Our programmer then created the iframe things and give it to me, asking me to provide the code to the bloggers so they can implement the code to their blog.

For me, it is a simple thing, coz i have basic on web programming, so I am quiet familiar to html code and stuff. But when it happen to new people who has no clue about what html is, Then it is a problem.

The bloggers are from variant blog provider, like tumblr, wordpress, and blogspot. Both of them are free services, still using the subdomain name on their blog.

How to add a widget to your blog then ?


To add widget on tumblr is not so simple like in blogspot or wordpress. You have to customize your theme and find right spot to put the code so that it will appeared on your blog.

  • Login first to your tumblr.
  • Click preference.
  • You will be on your dashboard now, find customize theme and click it.
  • You will now see lot of html and css code. What you gonna do now is find the “sidebar” spot. Use ctrl+F to find this, and paste your widget sources / codes in there.


Adding a widget in wordpress is quiet easy. Watch this steps:

  • Login to your dasboard
  • Hover your mouse to Appearance Menu, and you will see the sub menu there. Find Widget and click it
  • Now you will see bunch of widget that you can drag and drop to the position where you like the widget be.
  • Find Text widget and drag it to the position you like.
  • There will be 2 textfield box, first is title, and the second is for the html code (widget source code). Paste in there.

What disappointed me is that wordpress isn’t support iframe html tag. and this is sucks