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I know that people were waiting for the latest bond’s film, skyfall. It is now everywhere in the cinema and lots of fans queuing to watch craig’s action in skyfall.

My friend confessed that he was the first person who watched it in Indonesia. He said lot about the great part of the film, and ensure us that skyfall is the best one among bond’s others film. It attracted my curiosity to watch it very soon, and today I have the chance and time to watch it myself.

To be honest, i expected this movie will be greater than mission impossible, but i have to tell you that i was disappointed with it. The film is so boring, and i almost fall asleep. No much action in the film, too much talking, and no stunning visual effect. Somehow it was not a wow, just standard. I am not trying to bring it down, just telling my opinion.

I thought it was me, but when i see my friend, she was fall a sleep. We just about to leave the theater but she finally decided to just stay and finish the movie. Well, this is just my opinion, and i believe that the review or opinion will be relative to others. Imdb give 8/10, and some people think that the film is great too. How about you ?