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When you are about to leaving to office or maybe just hang out with friends, and you found out that it is raining outside, you might be like “oh c’mon!”. For those who own their own cars, maybe this case won’t be such a big problem, but how if you mostly took taxi or others public transportation?

To take a taxi, at least I need to walk like 3-5 minutes to the area where taxis are passing by. The thing is, when it is raining outside, I have no option rather than give it a call to book a cab. Other poblem just comes around, sometime dailing the operator to book a cab can be a difficult task, like busy tone, and takes time to be connected to the customer service.

So one day, the scenario that I just explained above happen to me. I was about to leaving and had reunion with old friends but it was raining outside. Jakarta oh Jakarta.. I was thinking to call the taxi service, even I knew for sure it will takes time. Fortunatelly,suddenly I thank dailysocial and other start-up news portal for providing such useful information.

GrabTaxi just popped up in my mind. If i am not mistaken, I had once read them featured in one of those portals I mentioned above. So I gave it a shot. Never tried it before. I opened my playstore (android) via Galaxy Note 3 and downloaded it.

It is easy, very light application, won’t consume much of your storage space. The steps to get your account registered also not so complicated. After did the verification code sent to my number, I was ready to go.

The interface of GrabTaxi application is very user friendly. There is no what-so-called-fancy (red: complex) menu navigation. It is handy to be operated.

What I had to do was just simply input my address and destination, after that, I just need to click the next button and it will start to scanning, finding the available taxis close to your area. You can see the process, which taxis are booked (red icon) and available (green taxi icon). For like less than 1 minutes, there will be a massage pop up telling you that you got your driver heading to your place. You can see the arraving time, driver information, his name, car’s number, and his phone number. The cool part was I can see the taxi I booked on the map heading my my place! I smiled myself being so silly and amazed at the same time.



So I just sit down nicely like a good boy, waiting to witness this application do its job as it has to be done. I kept getting excited every time the taxi icon getting close LOL!

What was confusing were, The interface showed me that the taxi already arravied but there was none in front of me. So I took an umbrella, and gave it a look, and here it was, 3 houses far from my house. So I raised up my hand, waving telling the driver “Hey I am here!”

For this case, I kinda give it toleration. When you insert your address, GrabTaxi will located your place based on your input and matching it with saved addresses data that already  been registered by other users. What I mean is, I think GrabTaxi uses Google Map API, the same one just like Foursquare. You might had your foursquare account before and you know for sure how you to register your place / current location right? So they use those data (owned by google). Enough with all those technical stuffs, all I can say is, for this location information, it is 90% accurate, or at least when you pick up your address, pick the closest one to you. I just found out also from the driver that I can give a note to them, like your accurate address to help them easier find you, or any message such as you just want certain taxi (blue bird) or (express), any message!

Before I got inside the cab, I took a picture 🙂 hahaa..


Inside, I started a conversation with the driver, telling him how amazed I was. I started to ask alot of questions regarding its features and the mechanism. But I won’t explain all the detail here because it will be so long article.

What you need to know is, it is not easy to get license for GrabTaxi. They filter all the drivers application carefully, make sure everything is looking great. So far, only 3 taxi services registered. They are Bluebird, Express, and Transcab. Not all those drivers could grant the license, only very few sorted driver being picked!


The driver also told me, that there is no minumun rate if we book taxi via GrabTaxi. We can get discount  as well if we book using Indosat or Telkomsel. Unfortunatelly I was using Wi-fi when trying the apps.

What else? This one is I think a very big plus bonus that GrabTaxi provide for the drivers. They paid the same amount of fares as you paid to the driver! For example, if your taxi fares is Rp. 20.000, you will pay Rp. 20.000 to him, and GrabTaxi will also pay bonus Rp. 20.000 to him!!! I asked him if there is any charges that GrabTaxi asked for, but he said there was none.


I think the first driver that I talked with misunderstanding about the concept how the calculation done. After questioned several drivers, i got clearer explanation that actually Grabtaxi only pay Rp. 20.000 to them. So it is the expense equall to minimun fare if you book the taxi via phone call.

If you have any chance to try GrabTaxi, I will recommend you to start using it. For now, they are only available in Jakarta, and based on the information from the Customer Service, they will soon expand to other cities. Wishing good luck for GrabTaxi! Keep up the good work!

Your satisfied customer.